Next generation of me

Been a while again. Wise man once said, busy man writes no blog.

Tesla-project fail

This is both sad and great. I come very far with my “Tesla-as-a-service” project. I had almost everything I needed to just press the “GO” button. Luckyly, I meet a few guys from FinPRO and they said something that made me think. Tesla probably have some kind of automated operator service planned already. I googled a while and found the blog post where Tesla openly tells they are not only going to operate a fleet of Teslas, but going to operate your Tesla in that fleet also if you allow them to. So, that’s pretty much it for this idea. There is no way Tesla is going to give me all the API access to their backends for fleet operation. No way.

Still, this was very good training for being a entrepreneur. You have to polish your idea to a clear vision. You have to get that vision trough a business canvas and find obstacles. You have to do some market research and some level of sanity check on the business plan. I’m happy I got this far with this idea, because now I know the process all my ideas must go trough. I got a better grip of the people I should contact and how to do this when I get a idea that passes all the way trough the business canvas without looking totally mad.

Quote from Tesla blog: “In cities where demand exceeds the supply of customer-owned cars, Tesla will operate its own fleet, ensuring you can always hail a ride from us no matter where you are.”

What the Trump!

I thought I’d never write about this, I’m not even sure if it’s a good idea to write about this if I’m going to do any business in US in the future. But I just can’t hold back anymore.

What the hell happened? There is no such thing as the “perfect moment” in any nations history. There have always been, there is, and will always be, something that’s wrong or problems. Even here in Finland we got maybe the worst government in my personal history, but still, this is a pretty awesome country. Same applies to US.

I’ve always admired US for their history where everyone who had a dream, traveled to US. It’s built on dreams and entrepreneurship. When there was wars or rough times in the world, people wanted to try to get a life in US. This is the magic US possesses. This magic is taking severe hits at the moment. US never was “bad”, there was, is and will be their own problems, but it was never “bad”. Please, don’t make it that way.

MaaS/EV/Energy/other business

Even if my “TaaS” service did fail, I can see a crazy revolution in electric cars, all the infrastructure around that and shared car services. This is something where there should be easy to find new business anywhere in the world. I’m sure ideas will present them selves to me when they are ready to emerge.

And it’s not only the EV/MaaS business, it’s the whole energy-sector. I’m feeling just some insane changes in the whole sector. There will be many new virtual energy operators, new concepts with handling data, consumers and devices. There will be completely new business inside this business. B2C2C2B 🙂

I’ve got some crazy other ideas too, involving VR, AI, IoT, blockchain, distributed information, revenue platform and something I’ve never seen anywhere and it already passed a very thorough sanity check.

Stuff picked up along the path of life

I’ve lived a almost health life for 43 years. Of course there have been some harder life lessons on the way, but mostly I think I’ve survived with good results. I’ve learned to know awesome people along the way, got to do stuff that are just insanely cool.

The most important thing in life, is to find the craziness inside you and let it out. This is where the secret sausage of life resides and where your true personality grows. Find the way to let it out, trough music, painting, dancing, singing or doing something that feels very natural to you and don’t care if there is people around you. Just do it.

Another thing you should know about this life thing, is that always trust life is taking care of you if you do your part. If you get your ass up from the sofa and explore life and the world, the universe takes care of the rest.

Third thing before I close this post. Don’t be afraid of saying and doing stuff. You’re going to be here just one time and even that is a very short time. You don’t even know when it’s your time to leave, could be before you’ve finished this post. Just ffs do stuff you enjoy and want to do.

If you were given something between one hour and 100 years to live and there is no way knowing how much you are given, what would you do? Just let that sink for a moment.

Love you all, the world, universe, life, kids, music, science. Thank you for existing. <3