First project 2017

First project @ 2017

Only two days on 2017 and I had a new project going on, and this project have taken absolutely crazy speed right from the beginning.

I don’t know should I call it “Tesla as a service” or “Mobility as a service“. Tesla is the best car for this service, because all the intelligence already factory built in and the autopilot hardware version 2.0. I’m sure there will be soon other cars too, but for now, it’s 100% Tesla.

Let’s just call it “TaaS”, as in “Tesla as a service” for now.

The story is almost funny. I read a comment in Facebook and one week later I had the connection to US, got the partners I need in Finland to build the service, dealing with insurance companies, garages, software developers etc.

I know, I’m very inspired my self to build a fully automatic car rental service with autopilot future, I don’t know if there is anyone who would not be enthusiastic about that, but this really took me with a surprise. Everyone is going crazy on this matter.

Now building business canvas, trying to calculate costs and revenue etc. I just have to do a few more magic tricks to make this work. I really don’t know how I’m going to do this, but talk Tesla to sell me a few Model 3 right from the the front of the queue. Another painfully reality is money. Need investors, but I’m sure that should not be too big problem now when I see how everyone going just full speed besotted about EV, mobility as a service and autopilot.

The most important thing is still missing. I need a crazy hippie partner who is willing to put the blood and soul into this project. I’m not doing this to get a few extra bucks, I’m doing this to change the way people are using vehicles – fully electric ones.

I want to create a quick, easy, cheap and duplicable concept. It should be so easy to replicate, that you can build the business from zero to full production in months, anywhere in the world where the law is not a barrier.

Press a button on your app and the car is yours, press another and you free it to someone else. Pay as you go, by hour or maybe even minute.

First stage, just the “mvp”, to create some research and build this concept, but this summer I want the service up and running with the first cars. Before year 2020 I want this to be completely coordinated by artificial intelligence in the cloud and fully autopiloted fleet. They pick you up where you need the car and leave you where you need to be.

Any investors, feel free to contact me if you want to be part of a new movement @ 2017. πŸ˜‰

Well, anyone interested in this, just send me email to hoppania @ or DM me on twitter @jounihoppania or message trough linkedin or find some other nice way to contact me. I’m sure this will be something nice, big, fun and crazy. If nothing else, at least anyone involved in this project will have the ability to see into the future for EV and services like this. Even for investors this can be a cheap lesson, good investment or both. Probably both πŸ™‚

Little something outside the project

I’ve been listening to audible books since my last post.

  1. The agile samurai
  2. Start with why
  3. The entrepeneur

All these three books have been great. Anyone who just want to be efficient and understand some basic human behaviour, including yourself, should read them. Specially if you are going to start a company, including other people and software development πŸ™‚

This is strange how the opportunity presents itself. This is not what I had in mind for 2017 but I just can’t leave an opportunity this magnitude unused. My real project just have to wait a month or two more to get some energy into this TaaS service.

There is so much I’d like to write about, but this post is already too long and if I write even half what I want to write about, this will be just way to long post, to even be called a “blog post”.

Maybe I’ll write a “off topic” post later. There is so much. I’d like to tell about something on my vacation in the north, something I bought for my kids, the way people are paring their cars in Finland (one more reason to give parking to the computer), Saara Aalto etc.

Life is something you must respect, live, and really feel, every day. Feel you are alive. One day this will change and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. Do not waste your life on mediocrity. Do not waste your life to “fit in”. Experience it. Feel it. Be who ever you are and do what ever you love to do. I’ve been too sensitive way too long, tried to “fit in”. Now I’ve realized, I do not have any urge to hurt anyone, I do not have any need to break anything and I don’t need to steal anything. I don’t have to fear to be who ever I am, I can concentrate in really feel life and let myself loose.

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