The awakening

I know I’m a little crazy, and I enjoy it. I don’t know if I could appreciate life more than I do right now. I totally understand the exceptional chance I got to enjoy life and how good it have been to me. I’m not religious, but this “life thing” is just pure magic.


This week I had so much happening again that I just have to write a short blog before it’s just too long to read again. Crazy stuff happens again, mostly in my head.

SLUSH 2016

As many of you maybe know, I constantly get new ideas. Like world wide unicorn magnitude-ideas once or twice a year and maybe 10 smaller ideas. There is not one month that goes by, without some new idea.


This is why I want to try out as an entrepreneur. This is not that easy, because you need totally different skill set for this than I got. I can spark out ideas from nothing but I have not woke up enough “E” in me.

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I’ve also done many times already the mistake to believe that “this have already been done”, then waited a year, maybe two or three, before someone gives a hint of this and even then they usually got it wrong.


Now I want to try out and change this. First place where to get some experience how this startup-investor stuff works, was to attend the “Slush 2016” event. I expected much from this event, mostly something like startup and investor networking on stereoids.

To be honest. I’m a little disappointed. There was just too much hang around people. I’m going to write the the Slush organization and ask them to squeeze the event, make the tickets much more expensive for hang around people, like 3keur. Then there will not be people that are not serious about the event.

Anyway, good speeches and I met very interesting people, who can and will help me on my journey to conquer the world 🙂 One thing I understood at Slush was, all money my companies will make in the future, must be used to fund startups and the “ecosystem” around them. This really is the only way to go. Pump all good back into the system.

This is essential. If I do this for money, it’s bullshit. If I do this to create something new and extraordinary, it’s worth any obsticle I’ll encounter.

mde mde


I’ve been conceptualizing at home with my kids, listening to music in disco lights. This is the right mood for me and I begin to think I’m teaching this to my kids too. They probably will also be little weird when they grow up. We’ve used maybe 30 pieces of whiteboard paper on the walls already.


I think I’ll need two or three crazy good developers with blockchain, mobile platform and eCommerce skills, a coding technical lead with experience in social media platforms and preferably some mad CI/CD and AWS skills, one insanely good data scientist, one well networked marketing and sales person and a CEO to start with 🙂

And money of course. But I think that will be a smaller problem than crazy skilled developers with some real experience.


We also went for a drive with a Tesla model S P90D on Friday. OMG! This is by far the best car-experience I’ve ever got in my life. The car is so smooth, handling, technology, acceleration and the silence. If you have not tried a Tesla before and you get a chance to try one, please do. You will not regret that.



I was a little afraid my 3 year old daughter would cry when we accelerate, but the first time I stom the pedal into the floor, and the TESLA S teleported trough the street my both kids just yelled from the backseat “WOOOOOHOOO!!” Got some video from that testdrive, sadly, not the first acceleration, that was just too fun to listen to the kids.


In this post there will not be many links, I’ve not had time to read the internet last week, but still something must be linked or this would not be a real blog.

Peace and love!

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