2017 will be my year


2nd generation startup should not be called a startup, but a start over?


I don’t want to change the world. There is nothing wrong with this world. I want to help people to see the magic in life. That’s not changing the world, it’s just helping people to use the power that is already there.

As I told you before, I’m not a religious person, but there are something very special in this thing we call life. I’ve also realized one thing, it’s really not about getting rich or any great goal. It’s all about the journey. We all know how this life ends, there is no surprise there. It’s about the journey. In the end, there is no one more valuable than the other. Pick your journey and adventures, not your goals.

The year 2016 have been very special in many ways. There have the extremity of all emotions. People close to me have died, I’ve felt stronger love than I’ve ever experienced in my life. I don’t have a god, I don’t have any cause or purpose. I’ve simply been given the most awesome chance possible to enjoy this absolutely crazy realistic, super immersive experience called life.

2016 have been intense. 2017 will be even more. Yesterday I thought if I have to start drinking or something to numb my emotions a little. This, how I live, just feels like a continuous, totally insane roller coaster ride.

Every single morning when I wake up, I know there will be some shit storm or drama, at least one or two plot twists. I don’t know how common this is or is it just me who get too intense involved in my own life 🙂

Not complaining. This is very interesting and fun, but the downside is, it’s also very consumptive. I try to let my kids live the same way. No limits. Enjoy life. Most important, HAVE FUN! 🙂

Saara Aalto

I love music. I don’t watch much TV anymore, but every time there is a song contest I’m drawn in front of the TV. Saara Aalto is a girl with fabulous voice and skills, but she have not found the right place for her yet. Now it looks like she maybe found her place. X Factor UK final part 2 is today (Sunday) and Saara or Matt.

Saara Aalto had a “homecoming party” on Senaatintori in Helsinki. I just had to be there and so had 10 000 other finns 🙂 Let’s keep thumbs up for this evening. She have worked so hard for so long and I think now she deserves her success.

On my way home, I saw this poster, “think big”. I smiled, I don’t think I’ve ever thought anything small, but the stuff I got in my mind now, is just something totally different caliber.

Now I got three totally insane big “projects”, which I know at least one will fail, I don’t know which one, but I’ve been failing so many times that I’m starting to know how this failing works.

One good thing with failing. It’s literally the best lesson you can get. It’s a “hands on experience” on stuff that does not work 🙂

 Three big things


I want to change how the energy-sector works. I’ve been working in the energy business for the last 8 years and I can clearly see what is missing and what is the problem for the entire energy sector from taking giant leaps. It’s time for the energy sector to wake up.


I’ve been missing a social media solution for a long time. First I thought I just don’t find that app but it’s there somewhere. Now, I’ve been looking for a year and I still can’t find it. This is very strange, because now when I know what I’m looking for, I’m amazed that there just is not this kind of a app available. This is very strange, it’s obvious the world needs this. How is it possible nobody have done this yet?? I’ve done the concept on balsamiq but next step is to secure the idea officially.


I want to create a new standard for “hypercloud” solutions. How to decentralize cloud capacity over multiple providers and even be able to sell unused capacity from on-premise to the “hypercloud”. Something like AWS spot instances from on-premise to a hypercloud.


There are a lot more ideas, but I just don’t got time for all of them. One thing I draw on my wall yesterday was the fully integrated and intelligent home with dozens of data sources and stuff you can analyze from them.

Let’s say you have sensors in all windows and doors if they are open or closed, then you got sensors in every room sensing human presence. If there is a window or door open for more than n minutes and there is no human presence in the house, it sends an alarm to the family mobile phones, telling you probably forgot a window or door open. Same can be done with stoves or other electrical equipment. You can put sensors sniffing air quality, temperatures in every room, amount of light, collected energy from solar panels or static floor “collectors”. Basically, just fill the house with crazy amount of sensors everywhere and push the data to a nerd who will make a diamond service out of it for the future mobile world.

This is not a new thing, nobody just have made it simple and cheap enough for the big masses to adopt this. Maybe Elon Musk would be interested in this kind of project too. I’m sure he will change the world.

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The awakening

I know I’m a little crazy, and I enjoy it. I don’t know if I could appreciate life more than I do right now. I totally understand the exceptional chance I got to enjoy life and how good it have been to me. I’m not religious, but this “life thing” is just pure magic.


This week I had so much happening again that I just have to write a short blog before it’s just too long to read again. Crazy stuff happens again, mostly in my head.

SLUSH 2016

As many of you maybe know, I constantly get new ideas. Like world wide unicorn magnitude-ideas once or twice a year and maybe 10 smaller ideas. There is not one month that goes by, without some new idea.


This is why I want to try out as an entrepreneur. This is not that easy, because you need totally different skill set for this than I got. I can spark out ideas from nothing but I have not woke up enough “E” in me.

mde sdr

I’ve also done many times already the mistake to believe that “this have already been done”, then waited a year, maybe two or three, before someone gives a hint of this and even then they usually got it wrong.


Now I want to try out and change this. First place where to get some experience how this startup-investor stuff works, was to attend the “Slush 2016” event. I expected much from this event, mostly something like startup and investor networking on stereoids.

To be honest. I’m a little disappointed. There was just too much hang around people. I’m going to write the the Slush organization and ask them to squeeze the event, make the tickets much more expensive for hang around people, like 3keur. Then there will not be people that are not serious about the event.

Anyway, good speeches and I met very interesting people, who can and will help me on my journey to conquer the world 🙂 One thing I understood at Slush was, all money my companies will make in the future, must be used to fund startups and the “ecosystem” around them. This really is the only way to go. Pump all good back into the system.

This is essential. If I do this for money, it’s bullshit. If I do this to create something new and extraordinary, it’s worth any obsticle I’ll encounter.

mde mde


I’ve been conceptualizing at home with my kids, listening to music in disco lights. This is the right mood for me and I begin to think I’m teaching this to my kids too. They probably will also be little weird when they grow up. We’ve used maybe 30 pieces of whiteboard paper on the walls already.


I think I’ll need two or three crazy good developers with blockchain, mobile platform and eCommerce skills, a coding technical lead with experience in social media platforms and preferably some mad CI/CD and AWS skills, one insanely good data scientist, one well networked marketing and sales person and a CEO to start with 🙂

And money of course. But I think that will be a smaller problem than crazy skilled developers with some real experience.


We also went for a drive with a Tesla model S P90D on Friday. OMG! This is by far the best car-experience I’ve ever got in my life. The car is so smooth, handling, technology, acceleration and the silence. If you have not tried a Tesla before and you get a chance to try one, please do. You will not regret that.



I was a little afraid my 3 year old daughter would cry when we accelerate, but the first time I stom the pedal into the floor, and the TESLA S teleported trough the street my both kids just yelled from the backseat “WOOOOOHOOO!!” Got some video from that testdrive, sadly, not the first acceleration, that was just too fun to listen to the kids.


In this post there will not be many links, I’ve not had time to read the internet last week, but still something must be linked or this would not be a real blog.

Peace and love!

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