The winter is coming

Hello again, long time since my last post. Winter is coming, and with it, a lot of changes and new adventures.



First things first. I’ve been part of a great team, working on great ideas and almost infinite possibilities. Now, I still feel I’m missing something.

I’m the kind of person that need much more freedom and flexibility at my work. I don’t mind working a lot, or continuously “walk the extra mile”, but there are some things that I just cant live with, one is a timecard and “office hours”, this just does not work for me. I more or less work 24/7/365 and that just must count for something, if it does not, I’m in the wrong place.

I’ve had the chance to work at the most interesting companies in Finland, with the most advanced technologies, the craziest, nerdiest and coolest people you can find. I got nothing else than great respect for everyone I’ve worked with. Some random a-holes have come along too, but – I know, people are people and it’s just not possible that we could all fit in the same room. Nothing wrong with that. I just have to accept this fact.

Now I want to combine my own startup, maybe some new customers and/or employer who can accept me working for my own startup too (creating symbiosis for the employer, bringing customers and building cool things together, kind of strategic partnership).

I got some ideas for public cloud and how to change cloud computing completely, some ideas for the energy industry and how to change the world in a Elon Musk-magnitude, some nice ideas for a new social ecosystem (yeah FB, I’m coming for you!) etc. I know, I it will not be easy to find people, money or right connections to join my visions, but I will never stop trying 🙂

I’m sure some crazy stuff will happen to me in the future, because all my life have been a series of more or less crazy events. This is, why I’m not too worried about what happens next. Just enjoy the ride of life as long as it takes.

Talking about that, I hope I’ll find myself one day working with companies like Magic Leap, Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop or any company that breaks the wall between reality and fantasy. I want to have several similar project myself one day, and I will – or die trying.

So, if you know anyone who does not feel it’s a burden if I got my own startup and want to create a strategic partnership, someone who needs a jack of all trades with experience of almost everything you can imagine in the IT business, most of things you can imagine in security/cyber security and “walking the extra mile” is the default setting – the magic happens when there is a need to push the limits of “walking the extra mile”.

Let them know there is a wizard available 🙂



I did not know much about blockchain a year ago. Since then I’ve read one book, watched about three hours of videos, attended four webinars and a few blockchain meetups. First, I did not really see how this technology will change the world. Now I understand. I don’t think blockchain will be widely adapted in the next 2-3 years, but I’m sure it will, and when that happens the world will change. I’d give blockchain 5-8 years time to change the world. There will be FB-style companies and effect on the world with this one. Mark my words.

Trump. WTF?!

This is something I do not understand with the American people. They are not stupid, in fact, most of the great discoveries come from US. The wtf in the presidential election is not in fact Trump, but the way the competition is done. If a president, that acts like Trump in the competition, wins. What the hell? Is this really a competition about who can despise the other more, be more aggressive, lie more to the voters, be more corrupt and who just makes more noise, any noise? If this is the case, we probably will see some bat shit crazy elections in the future, this will just spin off the rails.

Elon Musk

I’ve been listening to a audio book about Elon Musk. He is one of my super heroes. I kind of feel little alike Elon, according to the book, but he got more personality and intelligence than me. I feel like a dumber version of Elon 🙂 Can’t complain about my hard childhood, Elon probably had even worse than me. He’s just super. He is here to save us from ourselves. Who else would create a car with autonomous driving? Or fill application to FCC to launch 4425 satellites to orbit? 😀

Climate change

I’ve been wide-eyed in this matter. I admit, I have known about this issue but not taken it too seriously. Then I got involved in an project around cleaner energy, watched the DiCaprio documentary, watched some 360 degree VR videos about Greenland and climate change. Now I’m horrified, this planet is screwed. Only chance to make this planet habitable for our children is for everyone to contribute to this now and as much as possible. This is important. I got children of my own and I hope they will have their own children too. This is our legacy. So I did order a Tesla Model 3.


Slush 2016

Hope to meet a lot of interesting people @ Slush 2016 next week. This should be the place to be at, if you want to find new ideas, money for your projects, interesting work opportunities and networking. Big promises. I’ve never been there so this will be one of the big experiences for me.


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