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T2 Infosec

Every year there is this very good hacker conference called T2 infosec. It was a good conference, again. Last year, T2 started to give these small “badges” to people. Only a few selected people got them. Can’t remember exactly what was the requirements to get one, but it will function as a key to something and (?) some invitation to some happening in the future. Last year there was these superstars like Hyppรถnen who got the badges. I was a little jealous and dreamed I could get one of those one day.


T2 infosec 2016 started, they started with the badges. There was a name, then another and a third. I checked slack and email for any urgent messages, I thought to myself I got some time here before the actual presentations. Then I heard my name. I had to read it from the screen, look around me and then it hit me, I’M GOING TO GET ONE OF THOSE FRIGGIN BADGES! ๐Ÿ˜€ Did really not expect to get up on the stage today when I arrived to the conference. So, now I’m part of a secret society, so secret I don’t even know anything about it ๐Ÿ™‚



AWS Meetup

I attended to a AWS meetup, organized by Cybercom. There was so many friends and other familiar persons, I almost felt like I’m just joining some party with a lot of people I already know.

One of the performers was Santtu Stolt, working for VMware. He was speaking about the new strategic partnership announcement. I’ve know Santtu for about 35 years.

I think this is the best news for a long time. vCloud AIR really was not that good public cloud provider, the APIs sucked and managment interface was slow and the technology under the hood was changing too much and that influenced the services.

Disco @ Home

At our trip to Yyteri, my kids loved the kids disco. I had to create a small disco for them at home. Since the new home-disco, we have had morning-disco and evening-disco. The kids love it, and to be honest, I like it too ๐Ÿ™‚

My son caught me dancing too and I can sense a little Travolta here.


My 3 year old daughter singed Nelly Furtrados “man eater” song to me <3





Magic leap to Finland

This is a place I could work for. I think I have to ask if they need a dude like me ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe ML got the gems in their hand to create something big and new, in facebook scale.

Haunted toilet

I don’t know why our home sound like a haunted house 24/7. Specially in the toilet. This little bird, trying to get in to kill me in Hitchcook-style.



I had to write a blogpost soon, because I don’t want to post 100-page blogposts.

This weeks link-spam:

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No one knows what these hexagonal structures the Chinese keep building in the South China Sea are for

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DevOps Resources to Consider (this toolset could be useful when I try to get the devops culture into a legacy environment)

Microsoft makes its deep learning tools available to all

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