Easy, chilling week.


T2 Infosec

Every year there is this very good hacker conference called T2 infosec. It was a good conference, again. Last year, T2 started to give these small “badges” to people. Only a few selected people got them. Can’t remember exactly what was the requirements to get one, but it will function as a key to something and (?) some invitation to some happening in the future. Last year there was these superstars like Hyppönen who got the badges. I was a little jealous and dreamed I could get one of those one day.


T2 infosec 2016 started, they started with the badges. There was a name, then another and a third. I checked slack and email for any urgent messages, I thought to myself I got some time here before the actual presentations. Then I heard my name. I had to read it from the screen, look around me and then it hit me, I’M GOING TO GET ONE OF THOSE FRIGGIN BADGES! 😀 Did really not expect to get up on the stage today when I arrived to the conference. So, now I’m part of a secret society, so secret I don’t even know anything about it 🙂



AWS Meetup

I attended to a AWS meetup, organized by Cybercom. There was so many friends and other familiar persons, I almost felt like I’m just joining some party with a lot of people I already know.

One of the performers was Santtu Stolt, working for VMware. He was speaking about the new strategic partnership announcement. I’ve know Santtu for about 35 years.

I think this is the best news for a long time. vCloud AIR really was not that good public cloud provider, the APIs sucked and managment interface was slow and the technology under the hood was changing too much and that influenced the services.

Disco @ Home

At our trip to Yyteri, my kids loved the kids disco. I had to create a small disco for them at home. Since the new home-disco, we have had morning-disco and evening-disco. The kids love it, and to be honest, I like it too 🙂

My son caught me dancing too and I can sense a little Travolta here.


My 3 year old daughter singed Nelly Furtrados “man eater” song to me <3





Magic leap to Finland

This is a place I could work for. I think I have to ask if they need a dude like me 🙂 I believe ML got the gems in their hand to create something big and new, in facebook scale.

Haunted toilet

I don’t know why our home sound like a haunted house 24/7. Specially in the toilet. This little bird, trying to get in to kill me in Hitchcook-style.



I had to write a blogpost soon, because I don’t want to post 100-page blogposts.

This weeks link-spam:

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DevOps Resources to Consider (this toolset could be useful when I try to get the devops culture into a legacy environment)

Microsoft makes its deep learning tools available to all

Fun for the future

My mother showed me this quote when I told her I got little too much drama in my life and it immediately freed me from a lot of drama burden. This is awesome advice, it could almost be a Yoda quote.


I planned a ton of IT-stuff to do during my vacation. I managed to do none of them.

When my vacation started, I looked at my kids and realized, I just can’t give them a boring vacation with dad sitting at the computer.

So, everything I planned the last few months just flew out the window in an instant. Priorities, priorities. Kids got the golden ticket.

I think this was just what I needed too. One month of total breakaway from work and IT.


In Espoo where I live, I watched the weather forecast and it looked like the sun hates Finland and specially Espoo.

No way! I quickly googled where is the closest place where we can enjoy the sun.

That was Åland and so I booked ferry tickets to the next day and off we go. First time in Åland for the kids and it’s been more than 30 years for me too.

I really do live “in the moment”.



I must recommend Åland to anyone who visits Finland, or anyone in Finland who have not visited Åland yet.

It’s just amazing. It’s like being abroad, when you are in Finland. There is a lot of fun things to do.

After one week in the archipelago and we went back to mainland. One night at home was enough and the walls started to fall on me.

I had to get away from home. So, next stop was 650 kilometers north to Oulu/Ylikiiminki (mother in law lives in Ylikiiminki).



davIt took me two days and the “wall phenomenon” was on me again.

I rented a recreational vehicle for the first time in my life. Did not know literally anything about “recreational vehicles”. Steep learning curve there.

This is a small dream come true. Next week we traveled trough Sweden, Norway and Finnish lappland with the family.

We saw santa’s village, santa’s reindeer, a german police car (what thee .. ?!), climbed a ski jumping slope, got lost in a bad ass candy store etc. Fun trip.






One night we were all sleeping already and I woke up to something that sounded like a tank parking next to our van.

I was too tired to check what the hell parked next to us. Next morning I rubbed my eyes. What .. the .. hell.. is that?



I believe it was some kind of a german millionaire? That bad ass six wheeler is priced at 500 000 euros and even if you got a shit load of money, you just don’t buy “recreational vehicles” you can use for vacation in Syria.

After the caravan life, I had to get to our cottage. It’s a strange place, very colorful history. It’s very close to the Finnish airforce HQ and SIGINT/ELINT HQ.


If you bring the phantom4 drone up in the air from our cottage, you can see the military buildings and airstrip.


In this picture (below) you can see the area that will probably nuked first if Finland goes to war or any other country needs to eliminate Finland as a threat.


I can’t be sure, but got a little paranoid, because every time I got the drone in the air, there was a small cessna skyhawk apering and I had to take the drone down. The cessna usually flew 5-10 minutes right above us. When it disapered, I took the drone up in the air again and .. cessna come back 🙂

I managed to fly my SECOND Phantom4 into a tree and it took some damage too. Next day I went to a local hardware store and bought myself all the tools needed to fix the drone and luckily I got it up in the air again.

Not as much damage this time. The first Phantom4 took a direct and deadly hit from the powerlines.

Vacation was coming to an end.


Now I was preparing to go back to work. I’m proud to tell, that I’ve been assigned to a team that build a completely new platform for one of the biggest energy company in Finland.

It’s 100% microservices architecture, 100% AWS cloud solution, complete CI/CD pipeline, jenkins, docker, terraform and even spinnaker and all the crazy fun agile devops is built on.

At the moment I work as the technical owner for the platform and last week we got the first service out working on this platform. Our video commercial of the service below.

sdrdav Checking out the new office for the devops-team.

Everyone who work in devops, know how hard it is to find diamond skills. The technology and standards are too young and even if microservices, cloud, IoT, AI, devops etc. are the key to the future, hands down, you will have some serious problems finding hard core skills.

To make this even harder, it’s not only the skills, the people must also work together.

I’m happy to tell, Helen have managed to get maybe the best developers in Finland. This group is pure gold. Reaktor, Motley, Cybercom and Solinor.

I found two channels where you can connect to devops-people online, in real time and find good skills fast.


First digital service is called ‘Enne‘ and it will continue to develop and there will be more and new services in the future.

Crazy interesting stuff, crazy good devops dream team and I honestly believe Helen is going to be something the digital world want to watch in the future.

I believe the future is in the digital market, the possibilities IoT, blockchain, AI, VR/AR, microservices, cloud and DEVOPS!

Just .. love .. to be where I’m now. Could not be better. My problem is that I got too much interesting and fun going on.

My own startup, slush coming, Helen and the digital services platform. Drones. IoT. AI. Bots. Cloud. Automation. VR and AR. I’m stuck in some kind of a nerd-heaven coming true.

Talking about VR. I got myself a new toy. The HTC Vive!


My 5 year old boy is so fascinated about the VR, that I think he is going to be one of the “VR natives”.

He already communicates with people in recroom and play many games as easy as I played space invaders in the 80’s.


Helen Oy got these superb partnes, Hitachi and Multicom, and we had a small cooperation event in Lappeenranta/Lappeenranta archipelago.

It was fun and I can’t praise them enough, this is the kind of partnes any successfull company needs. No bullshit, only honest and open communication.

No customer-supplier-hierarchy, but honest win-win for all parties. The true ingredients to make the the best service with the greatest quality and cost-effective solutions.

And the people working in for these companies, just, pure.. gold. Funny, crazy, open, honest and friendly people who I could easily count as personal friends.


I also went to “the first” blockchain meetup-event in Finland @ Microsoft Flux. This was pure heaven for a nerd who’s brain is shooting ideas a few times a day.

During this event this went up to ten ideas an hour 🙂 I honestly believe, blockchain will be a total game changer before 2020.


I attended a digitalistnetwork event @ Finnkinos SCAPE-hall. I feared it would be just another marketing event for .. C-suites, but I was wrong.

This really was an interesting event. It once again, put my brain on hyperdrive and I was shooting ideas a second speed.

I need to attend to digitalistnetwork-events in the future too.


I had one week of holiday again with my family @ Yyteri SPA. It was fun, mostly relaxing and a ‘CE/CF’ event (continuous eating/continuous fun).

I tried to do one week totally without any eletronic devices but this proved to be impossible because most of my unread books are on kindle.

Well, this caused, of course, me to check slack, follow the ‘Enne’ release and even log in to AWS and Azure a few times.

So much for the “no electronic devices” week.


I had to filter like 90% of the stuff I wanted to write about for different reasons, partly because even if I want to share personal stuff on the internet, there is some limits to that too (mostly when it comes to other people, I must take them into consideration).

I can’t tell everything I’m working with and then there are also places and stuff I can’t tell I’ve been visiting, not because of some super secret stuff, but some people just don’t want me to write about it.

Also, this post is already way too long for anyone to read it 🙂

Next week will be super interesting. There is some big changes at work and I’ll attend T2 infosec.

Anyway .. Here is a filtered link-spam.

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