Death, concert and no more VFR


This post will be the saddest one I’ve done so far.


There is a number of reasons I’ve missed a real father figure in my life, not many men have been around when I guess a growing little boy would have needed such a figure around. I’m not going into that now, but just as a intro to the next chapter.

In the beginning of this blog I told you how my life is filled with totally crazy events and have always been that way. I know, it can’t be just a coincidence that much bizarre and crazy stuff happens to the one and the same dude. There must be something else too. Anyway, there is one man, that I think, will make my life look just as a normal, boring, everyday life, I’ll call him “AH”.

I got crazy memories where I was just maybe 10 years old, and he took me to the woods to shoot with a magnum .357, we were working on the fields and he let me drive a real and big tractor, even if I was just maybe five years old. He took me fishing, told me crazy stories and made the world look like a big adventure. At my uncles funeral we were laughing at all crazy things we could remember what the strange uncle did. We agreed that it’s easier and funnier to remember the good and fun stuff of the deceased.

“AH” have had some big car accidents and walked out from them alive. He have come down from the sky in a airplane and walked out of that alive, he had cancer and survived and a lot of other similar events. Nothing ever killed him and I almost started to believe that he’s un-killable.

I sold my VFR to a INFOSEC dude, same day he picked the VFR up, maybe even around the same time, ~300km north, “AH” was in he’s last accident with a motorcycle. He did not walk out of that accident alive anymore. Somehow, I thought that this can’t be, a motorcycle accident killed him. But, to be honest, that’s the way I think we all who knew him, believed he will pass on to the next adventure.

I’m sure he’s advice to me would be “get a grip of yourself, this is how life works and now it was my time to go”. So, I try to get a grip of myself and remember all the fun stuff. That’s what I want to remember. I believe he had a lot to do with the way I steer my life on the bumpy and crazy roads.

Long story short. You are equipped with that personality you got, with the skills you got and all the characteristics you got. It’s not good or bad, that’s just you. You may not fit in everywhere, you may have hard times more than once – but remember – enjoy this life, this adventure, all this. You get only this one chance to be here, now, with these people, feelings, surrounding and everything else. Enjoy life. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy this crazy, interactive, totally bizarre adventure called life. Listen to this life, feel the cold and warm, touch something and realize you are touching something and feel it. Really notice you are alive! Because that WILL change one day, maybe tomorrow.


I have this little company of my own, you can call it a “startup”. Got a few small ideas, a few mid-size ideas and a few king-size ideas. One absolutely monstrous idea that will change the way everyone use computers. Last Thursday I went to a TEKES event called “innovation Thursday”. They spoke only about public funding in Finland and EU. Now I’m sure, I need to apply for public funding, because one of my ideas would qualify for H2020 EU funding and that’s just .. big.. Maybe the most promising in the public funding is that the startup or idea must concentrate on growth, and that exactly what I’m interested in. I don’t mind being rich, but I already got everything I could ask for life to give me, so in a way, I’m super rich already. What I want, is to develop my idea to a working way of life in the technology-business.


Ok, so I got my VFR sold. It was not as easy to let it go as I thought it would be. I think I sold it much too cheap. But now, after the accident, I want to sell my other custom motorcycle too. I’ll let the worst shock pass and then I’ll check this option again.

Bye bye VFR, you are absolutely the best “jack of all trades” I’ve tried. Hope the new owner will be nice to you.


“Elastinen” Private concert

I’m not too fond of Elastinens music, but I still attended a competition where I could win a avec ticket to hes private concert. Funny, but I won, and got the tickets. Elastinen have also been a judge in the finnish tv-show “The voice of Finland”, which is one of my favourite tv-shows (as you maybe know if you follow my Twitter feed).


I must say, I was surprised about the stage-energy Elastinen had. If I’d like hes music too, I probably would be a super-fan. Now I just love the energy and artistic personality Elastinen got. There is some songs too that I admit are good.


2016-05-29 13.19.54


The usual URL spam:

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IoT protocols, angry dad and NATO ships


Try to find the coolest superhero in this picture. Hint: The handsome one.hoppa



There is a lot of “things” in the internet. I’m interested in the protocols used in IoT. In technology, if you want to find out something crazy and new, you have to understand the logic and “building blocks” of the ideas that stuff is built on today.

Personally, I’m mostly interested in MQTT, XMPP and CoAP, but everything that connects anything together is a good runner up.  This was a great resource for the underlying protocols in IoT:

Bonus URL:

Hypervisors are dead

There will always be people that will not believe that the world is changing. One thing that will change, is the way we use infrastructure in the datacenters. This is just a fact and something that’s totally inevitable. To be honest, if you want to keep your seat in the future-train, you have to at least understand what and why stuff is changing around you. For virtualization and hypervisor-admins this is something you maybe want to read:

Angry dad bird       ABMovie_Terence_2

I’ve wondered how it would look like if a automatic speed camera caught me. I’ve been told that I will see the flash if that happens. One of my old colleagues, Sami, living in Germany, is taking a lot of “selfies” and now it looks like I’ve applied to join he’s “selfie-club”. This is when we were returni ng home from the angry birds movie and I was imitating “Terence”, that’s the strange sound 🙂

IRON DUKE & Álvaro de Bazán

ironduke al

This was super-cool. I hope, one day I’ll get an invitation to fly with some super-cool helicopter to some even cooler warship, somewhere where they test AEGIS and shoot some crazy bad ass missiles at even more crazier drones. And yes, lots of fighter aircrafts too. Ping NATO 🙂

Very friendly people working on both ships. I could feel the respect growing. They were very professional, even if the ships were filled with tourists and annoying civilians 🙂

I really, REALLY don’t want any war anywhere in the world. I’m a “new age hippie” who just want to hug and love everyone. But still, military technology is insanely cool and interesting – no matter who owns it.








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Drones, Birds, Clouds and Life


In this post, I want to tell how I think about the long term future of the cloud and what have not yet been seen in the military done-scene. But first, I’ll just write a “journal” about the highlights in the last few days.

As usual, I got too much things going on and even I try to keep the blog updated and post shorter posts, but more often – I don’t seem to manage to do it.

A lot on interesting things have happened again. If you remember the bike I bought and took to the repair shop, I got it back yesterday and now I got the “side-stand” and it’s working just fine. I wrote a complaint to how the bike design was just absurd. They felt bad for me and we agreed that they return 100 euros. This covered the repairs and modification. Good job!

You maybe remember the phantom4 drone I flew into the powerlines? I thought the insurance company would never, ever, pay me anything for that. I 100% honestly told them what happened, I flew the drone into the powerlines. They paid in full. Now I got to say, this is the easiest, best, cheapest insurance company I’ve ever got (a few other incidents also in the past). Way to go Turva!

Last Thursday I lost my buss-card and had to go get a new one. I’ll loose one or two a year of them, mostly because the kids hide them. Then, on Friday, I host my buss-card again, because one of the kids hide it, but this time it was so fun to see the new angry birds movie characters at the mall, I had to take a selfie with the red bird.



I had one of those mornings too, when I had some really important work to do, and when I turn on the laptop I get this frustrating HDD error. Then I did not find the buss-card, got late to work, and everything was just going to hell. What ever I did, it was like a reversed king Midas touch.



I decided to buy a FitBit Charge HR activity wristband to monitor my heart rate and sleep. Got pretty awesome statistics (except sleep), and now I just want to keep getting better stats.

2016-05-07 17.25.14



Long term future of the cloud?

I’m sure public cloud and a handful of big cloud providers is the next big thing. It’s just obvious, hands down. Serverless services, containers, elastic clouds, microservices etc. That’s what’s going to be the “cloud technology” the next 10 years. But what happens next?

I’ll tell you. Peer-to-peer cloud services. There is no way possible, any cloud provider, is able to serve the amount of storage capacity, networks and availability needed for the services in 2025+

What will happen after that? Peer-to-peer datacenters and people don’t buy devices anymore, only user interfaces. But that’s a story for 2035+

Military done mines?!

We all know the horror stories about the mines at sea. Ships and submarines have to avoid those scary big balls “floating” in the sea at different depths.

I believe, there will be similar drone-minefields in the air too. Maybe with enough intelligence to dodge and open a path for friendly aircrafts, but almost invisible and impossible to avoid for the enemies. These intelligent “air mines” can move or be stationary, or even automatically fly into approaching enemy or unidentified aircrafts or even missiles.

This could be easily deployed almost anywhere, even in the enemy airspace. They could also work as a short term “hanging bomb”. I thing drone technology is going to be crazy big thing in the next 10 years.

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Because I need to work too and I (again), don’t got too much time, I’ll just spam my URLs again. There are some really interesting stuff in the URLs 🙂

The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies (Crazy interesting story, maybe true, maybe not – but still a very interesting story)

Burger King has opened a spa in Finland (This – is really a “Finnish” Burger King. Not sure this will work anywhere else in the world)

Why Gartner’s Mode 1 / Mode 2 is Dangerous Thinking (this is something VMwares Joe Baguley spoke about when I meet him in Finland during the VMware architect forum meeting)

Old People Share Their Happiest Moments and Best Advice (must read for everyone!)

How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus (I know John McAfee is a “strange man”, but I must admit, this is hillarious).

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Archaeologists Just Unearthed Hitler’s Dark Secret
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Airbus sets sights on the stratosphere with glider flight
WATCH: Aerial Drone Footage of a Tunnel Bomb Exploding in Syria
Docker Networking and DNS: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
Python REST API Framework
Five common OpenStack questions answered


Superuser TV: Using Kubernetes to deploy OpenStack
Rendered using 9M+ core hrs on Compute Engine



“Every time you fail, you’re little closer to success”

A few days ago I told myself, “remember, every time you fail, you’re a little closer to success”. Well, according to this self-quote, I’m a lot closer to success now than I was just two weeks ago. Looking backwards at my life, I’ve just been insanely far from success or maybe I’m just aiming for some crazy big success. Or maybe this quote is just stupid. Who knows 🙂

If you have read the past posts, you’ll notice I bought a electric bike. Now I found out it must be some engineer gone insane who have designed that model. A “middle-stand” on a bike, where the motor is in the front and the battery is on the backside, that just does not give the bike a good balance.

That bike have fallen so many times, and every time it falls, bits and pieces fly around like a bee swarm. My kids find it funny when “dads bike fell again, haha”.

Now I’ve taken the bike to the repair shop and asked them to fix everything + remove the damn stupid middle-stand and put a normal “side-stand” on it.

As some of you may know, I bought the DJI phantom 4 drone two weeks ago. I’ve filmed some of the training flights and put them on youtube. One of my old friends asked me to film inside a sports center and I did, everything went just fine, but when I come outside and wanted to take a small clip of the building itself – I flew the damn thing into the powerlines and that was it for that phantom 4, at least for now.


I did an “autopsy” on the drone, and it looks worse than it actually is. Still, this will be a long healing process for that drone. Lot’s of parts have to be ordered from DJI and lots of testing, before that little fellow is in the air again.





I had this funny idea, where some students could use my networks, hardware, company etc. to have a summer job. Maybe get some incomes and learn something about business, flying drones, video editing etc. But now I had to re-think this one. Solution was to buy another phantom 4.

I’m sure I or “we” could sell pictures or UHD videoclips to customers,  something like this (raw footage, no editing, but with a little editing, this could be awesome):


Now my money is running out and I really need to get my Honda VFR sold. Sad thing is that only one dude have been asking about the honda and I don’t know why. The price should be good, it’s in perfect condition, it’s a very attractive bike with great performance. It’s a “jack of all trades”.

I have found this OpenStack podcast that is very good. It’s fun, easy going and very good way of spending your time on the way to work.

I also bought this fitbit charge HR to monitor my heartbeat and sleep patterns. I hope this will not be one more case of “closer to success”. I’ve got enough of that for a while now 🙂


It’s just crazy when I’m so interested in so many things. I don’t know where to put my focus. Security, IT operations, Devops, Cloud architectures, containers, automation, drones, electronics, outdoor activities, my own company, the compnay I work for, friends etc. I don’t know how other people manage their time, but I certainly got some issues with this.

Let’s move on to the URL spamming. Again, a lot of very interesting stuff going on. Now I don’t got time to categorize these.

1. Digital transformation: Why it’s important to your organization
2. MISP – Malware Information Sharing Platform
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16. Where Time Gets Lost at Work
17. Windows Subsystem for Linux Overview
18. Google to Build and Lease Data Centers in Big Cloud Expansion
19. Deploying Kubernetes with Ansible and Terraform
20. Bypass Application Whitelisting Script Protections

And a little bonus ..

Apple should pay more tax, says co-founder Wozniak


My nerd life highlights, me & ‘Woz’ 🙂