Busy busy busy

All of my four babies <3

I’ve been super-busy for a week now and continue to be for at least one week more. Not so much with regular work, but with the kids. My spouse have been in London and now she’s in Oulu, leaving me alone with the kids. That would not yet be a problem, but my son have had fever two times already during this time, creating small logistical problems when I need to get my daughter to and from the kindergarten.

I did have one moment for myself a few days ago, and I was able to do two quick flights with the phantom 4. Those of you who live or know Espoo, and more specific “Matinkylä” and “Haukilahti”, maby recognice these areas in the videos.

I once wrote this post already, then MS gave me the blue surprise. You know the feeling, when you are four seconds away from pressing “Publish” and then ..


You get this instant WTF you SOB and get the urgent need to “uninstall explorer”.

Anyway, there have been some really interesting news in the last few days. One thing caught my eye while writing this post. A pastebin post how hacking team got hacked. This is very interesting, this someone have explained everything in a good detail. This is a need to read for itsec pros and not so pros.

Original news where I found this from :

Hacker: This is how I broke into Hacking Team


I’ll try to categorize the URL spamming a little:



No Dynamic Routing in OpenStack? No Problem!

Using Virtualization to Realize Agility and Cost-Savings


Navy Conducts Virtual Reality Demo Aboard Destroyer

I’m on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted by drones <- Special mention. This is an interesting story I need to follow.

N. Korea offers to send ‘abducted’ defectors’ parents to South


Why Enterprises Want Containers Now — And Why You Should Too

Announcing More Speakers for DockerCon 2016

Azure Container Service is now generally available


5 best practices for managing a hybrid cloud environment

Open Infrastructure 2.0

Survey: Half of IT Pros Have No Edge Data Center Plans

Meeting Customers on Their Terms: OpenStack Everywhere

Stateless Hypervisors at Scale <- One reason I really want to go to OpenStack Austin 2016 :/

Microsoft: Bigger Underwater Data Center in the Works


Facebook Chef cookbooks

Facebook’s F8 event in less than 90 seconds


5 incredible aerobatic maneuvers by the Russian Knights


The growing popularity of IoT





Can’t get any sleep. I’m watching my kids sleep, and I realize something. I’ve got something that’s more precious than anything anyone can imagine. I would not change one moment or smile from my kids for anything, not for Amazons Jeff’s property, not for invisibility and flying capabilities, not for a million unicorn startups, not for the title of the president of the universe and beyond. Literally nothing is more precious and important to me.

Sometimes we get carried away at work, relationships, with friends or somewhere else. The strange thing about humans are that we don’t realize how important and specially how amazing thing just being alive and existing is.

We complain about almost anything, and forget to wonder about the magical moment of just this second, feel the air around us, hear the sounds and voices, feel the breath you take, see the colors or shapes. Maybe feel the cold or warm. Just existing is something so cool, that it’s hard to imagine anyone come up with anything cooler.

One thing is for sure. For all of us. This amazing adventure will end. It will, and there is literally nothing that can stop that from happening.

With these words, rest in peace “comp”. He passed away last night. One more member of the “hard life club”  found out what happens when this adventure ends.


The voice of Finland, angry neighbor and Phantom 4 test-flight

Funny. Last night there was “The voice of Finland” (29:45 and 1:09:38) semi-finals, I watched it with the kids and I like to tweet during the contest (#tvof). Last night I was distracted by the kids but had my TV (+ stereo) very loud, you know – kids and song contest in TV – and I heard “Jouni Hoppania was right ..

That was the first “jaw dropper”, what .. Did I just hear? Ok, half hour later my friend tweets that he did see my tweet on the screen and another send me SMS. So, I don’t know how hard it is to get TWO mentions/tweets in a live TV-contest with one of the largest audiences in Finland, but now I got that achievement unlocked 🙂

The phantom 4 is really cool. I did my first flight in Finland/Espoo, I also got a note from some angry neighbor. First, the two videos and last the note + translation.

Un-edited, raw video footage from my first Phantom 4 flight.


The note :


Translation :

Helicopter camera-stalker

Next time I will call the cops.

Home and balcony are private areas.

You know who you filmed and I will find you. | in from the windows and balcony where I sat.

Outrageous neighbor curiosity.

To be honest, the ONLY person that you can find on any balcony, is a dude who know who I am and who’s phantom it was in the air. It can’t be him behind the note, because it reads in an almost threatening way “I will find you”. If it would be this dude, he don’t need to do any searching.

I did add my contact information and welcomed who ever wrote the note to come over and discuss the video. Nobody came. At least it’s not hard to find me anymore. I’m thinking about adding the youtube links and url to this blog, so whoever wrote it, can find me on the google-map on the real time gps.

Just to be polite, I’ll stop flying around my neighborhood, but I find funny that someone believe I want to stalk anyone or anything, specially in this neighborhood, that’s just – funny. There just is nothing, that I could imagine anyone, wants to stalk around here. Nothing. It’s more interesting to stalk the milk bottle in the fridge.

Well, angry note from neighbor achievement unlocked too.

EDIT: This is why I love life. You never know what happens next. It’s like a continuous adventure with endless possibilities.

UPDATE: It was not the dude on the balcony. It was a woman who did not even show on the video, but she was worried that she could be if she comes out. She also called the police already about it but they never contacted me either and now the note is also gone.


It’s going to be the best weekend ever!

I bought me the DJI Phantom 4 multicopter. I’m looking forward to the weekend, hopefully I get to fly this little dude.



I’ve got an “old” DJI Phantom vision 2+, but yesterday when I started it, I noticed the gimbals gyro is broken and it acts like it got epilepsy. Also the batteries are broken 🙁 I’ll add the last video I’ve taken with the old one here, funny – it’s the same “koti ja rengas” dudes changing my tires on.



I also got my two babies home (Honda Shadow and Honda VFR). I’m sorry to say, but I really need to sell that VFR. I will not have my drivers licence or worse, after this summer if I still got that motorcycle.



There is just one problem. My wife is flying to London tomorrow. One of the kids is sick, I’ve got to work and nobody to help me with this now. So, worst case scenario: I’m going to have kids movie-weekend (not bad), best case scenario: I’m going to take my VFR out for a ride, fly my Phantom4, watch “the voice of Finland” AND have a kids movie-night or two. Whatever happens, children first – always. As long as my children need me for anything, I don’t care about IT, openstack, containers, work, security, anything. They are all later priority.

This have been a good day. I’m almost healthy. So are the kids. No big problems anywhere. Everything is good. Funny stuff going on at work. I really feel “life”, I can hear the clock, and the sound of things existing around me. Life is good 🙂

Tired. Need sleep. Good night.


Can we see the future?

I’ve got one thing that comes almost automatically for me. It’s some kind of general analysis of, everything. I really can’t describe it more specific. I can see, hear, read, smell, touch anything and remember small details years later about almost anything. The hard part is that I can’t choose what to remember or pick some memory I want to watch. It’s all intuitive. When I start drawing mind maps, that’s where the magic blooms, my subconscious is lightning up and I can see clearly the big picture of almost anything.

This is why I love to analyze chain of events in wars, infosec, breaches, technology, news, politics, anything really. My mind never rest. I don’t have to take notes of everything or try to choose what’s important and what’s not. I’ll just fast forward trough everything and my mind picks small pieces that I need. When I start drawing stuff in my mind or mind map, I just magically connect everything. This is one of my “superpowers” 🙂

I think this have something to do with a phenomenom called “synesthesia”. I did not know about the whole thing before I was 40 years old and I’ve got this all my life. I thought this was normal, I thought everyone can “see music”. There it is, I can see how music and all sounds look like. When I listen to music (and I LOVE music, it’s like a drug to me) I don’t just listen, I also watch it. I thought this was normal and everyone does this, but two years ago I was on a kickoff with Hitachi Data Systems and Multicom (we had a very successful backup-project) and I got the courage after a few beers to ask them if they can “see music”. Immediately I could see from their faces that, now I had thrown in a question they really did not expect from the customer 🙂

How boring would that be, listen to music, without seeing it? That’s like looking at paintings only in black and white? Really can’t imagine music without the figures and dance in my mind.

The topic. I believe we are on a brink of many big changes in the world. There are always some change happening in the world, but now I can “smell” big stuff coming on many fronts.

There are really some scary stuff building up in middle east, EU is living it’s nightmare, Nato got reason to exist again, everyone – I mean really – EVERYONE, is going totally insane on cybersecurity (good reason for that too), “IoT” business is going to explode within the next two years, containers and unikernels are going to change the way we create services in the future and this is really a big change, not “just another virtualization”, social media makes the world so much smaller, the way we work is going to change within the next five years, how we learn and teach, buy, travel and lots of stuff is changing FAST.

NB-IoT to become reality in 2016 – Huawei

AWS IoT Now Supports Integration with Amazon Machine Learning and AWS CloudTrail

I believe one of the most important skills in the future is “readjustment”. You don’t cheer the old stuff, bring back memories about the old server or service, just adapt to the next phase. You just must accept the fact, everything you are trying to hold on too, will disappear tomorrow and you just have to adapt to the situation. A true disposable culture.

Today we had a meeting with cygate and we spoke about a startup/kickstarter which launch event I attended too a few months ago. That was the SOLU Computer. I hope everything have been good for them and wish lot of success. They are brave pioneers.

Yesterday I also had my tires changed on my car. I’ve been changing them myself, but my wife found a new “startup” service, called “koti ja rengas“, who will come anywhere you need them to, change your tires and store the other tires until the next change. They started the company two years ago and I believe I was one of the first customers they had. This is another “startup” I really really wish good luck.



And last but not least, URL spamming :

  1. New solar cell turns raindrops into electricity (what the … )
  2. University Of Liverpool Database Hacked
  3. 5 reasons to use Docker for productivity software installatio
  4. Simple workflow for building web service APIs
  5. USN’s Next Generation Jammer transitions into development
  6. Under the Hood of Hadoop: Its Journey from Open Source to Self-Service
  7. With license to kill abroad (this is scary shit)
  8. 4 Iranian commandos reportedly killed in Syria fighting
  9. Israel PM admits strikes in Syria for first time
  10. vSphere 6.0 Update 2 – What’s New
  11. One Cloud, Many Providers: The OpenStack Interp Challenge
  12. Badlock Bug (Admins and all of you responsible for Windows or Samba server infrastructure)
  13. Windows 10 debuts Blue QR Code of Death – and why malware will love it
  14. Awesome Infosec
  15. North Korean HT-16PGJ MANPADS in Syria





Boring monday..

This have been one of those days I don’t feel like I’ve earned my salary. All I’ve done today at work was some CMDB updates, document reading, reading emails (two weeks vacation) and that’s it. I need a fast tempo with huge responsibilities to feel alive at work. Today was not that day.

I think I’m an “idea-machine”. I got a gazillion ideas all the time. Many years back I thought about a website, where you can create a profile, add comments, pictures and chat with others. I tried to tell Nokia about this idea, they told me that there would not be enough users so forget it. Just a few years later and there it was, Facebook.

Today I tought that someone should start a “private manager” company. Same type of “manager” as all the celebrities got. Let’s say you pay 20Eur/month to a “private manager” who will look for jobs suited for you, will find new places you could visit, marketing possibilities, maybe some acting possibilities, good car deals because your still driving your 20 year old Fiat. Someone to look after basic stuff and you can concentrate on what ever you are doing. Work, kids, hobbies or something else – your private manager is looking for jobs, vacation deals etc.

One little secret I’ve been keeping to myself is something I want to create with openstack, docker containers and unikernels. That’s a new type of cloud service, where all customers could sell their on-premise capacity to a public cloud. Think about it, you will probably never get 100% rid of on-premise harware. How great would that be, if you could sell the overhead compute power to the cloud? Get some of the invested money back, maybe even all of it?

Now I’d like to write a LOT more about everything, I can feel how my fingers just want to continue, but I’ll keep something for tomorrow, or some other day.

This new US unmanned vessel is just so super-cool. I just have to put a youtube video here of it.


There are a lot of different container management solutions availabe. One of them is Dockers own UCP. They have made a few videos available that are pretty good and understandable.


Then the URL spam that will make you wrong in the head.

  1. INURLBR – Advanced Search Engine Tool (for itsec people)
  2. Scientists could use DNA to shrink a data center into a sugar cube
  3. 6 cloud services for growing your small business
  4. 5 things you should know about the blockchain
  5. OpenStack users: Backup your Cinder volumes to Google Cloud Storage
  6. The Donald Trump guide to the rest of world
  7. How big is the Google Earth database?
  8. Monitoring Mesos, Marathon, and DCOS with Sysdig
  9. The inconvenient truth about API security
  10. Senior North Korean military official defects
  11. More about OpenStack Mitaka
  12. UK and France launch rapid deployment exercise (Finns, this is intresting)
  13. Arduboy, the game system the size of a credit card. (nice!)
  14. Last but not least : “Blue-Green Deployment is a strategy to release new version of the app without downtime”








Smooth Sunday ..

Today I bought myself an electric bike. This was more fun I’ve had since.. hmm.. Friday. The funny thing with the “Helkama pohjatuuli” bike is, that it’s a “front wheel drive”.


I’ll add a youtube video too, where you can see the torque with the “walk” option. I must say, I feel it amusing to pull a big carriage with two kids up a crazy steep hill, no sweat, smiling and wave to my neighbor.

Today I’ve been mostly with my kids and I save all the nerdy stuff for next week. There still is one link I want to share. Almost every time there is a leak, I’ll pull the database from the “dark web” or “tor network”. Now I have not done that yet, even if this package could be very intresting.

Syrian Government Hacked, 43 GB of Data Spilled Online by Hacktivists


I just had to add this youtube video here before I go to sleep. Tomorrow I have to try this one.

I’m thinking that the next generation of this service could be some website where you can register your phone, then add categories you want to talk about, maybe some dates and times when ou are available and maybe some client that will poll your phone if you are free and ready to receive a random call. Then when you call the xxx-number, maby pay 1USD extra fee, you will be connected to some random dude in the world, talking about the things you AND him are interested in. Lot’s of possibilities there.


“Normal” saturday

Today I saw the WORST parking I’ve EVER seen in my entire life. And I’m over 40 years old. This is just something, I can’t get how this is possible. Some “eye-balling” comments in finnish in the clip by .. your truely.

Yesterday was something special, really special. So today, I’m back to the usual business and I’ll just paste a few links from yesterday and today that caught my attention.

I could write something about all the links, but then the blogpost would be many pages long and I don’t want to spend all the night writing a blog. I probably will return to many of the topics in later posts, specially all cloud, container, openstack, automation stuff.

  1. Obama administration finally takes position on encryption
  2. RF “number stations” and military stations
  3. Automatically Reverse Image Search YouTube Videos (this is cool)
  4. 5 Reasons True Innovators Are Full of Self-Doubt
  5. Inside Google’s 5-Step Process of Testing New Ideas
  6. Subnet Pools with VMware NSX (someone remind me to tell why this is an important issue in the future!)
  7. Anomaly Detection Using PySpark, Hive, and Hue on Amazon EMR
  8. Reddit on Cloud Management Platform (CMP) evaluation (more as a reminder for myself)
  9. Ansible in AWS Lambda (this is important for you ansible/pythonists)
  10. Kontena 0.12.0 Released (finnish docker-dudes with some serious skills)
  11. DNSRecon – DNS Enumeration Script (cooler than it sounds)
  13. Adding Support for Kubernetes in Rancher
  14. Life after ISIS: RT travels to recently liberated town of Kabisa, Iraq

Totally crazy Friday.

This morning one of my friends sent me a message. “Do you want to play Putin in a tv-show, filming today?”. My first thought was, LOL, “of course I want, I also want to be a superstar on jupiter”.

But soon I noticed, he was serious. Not many minutes after that, a nice woman from the production team called me and then I knew, I just have to do this. I’ve done some pretty crazy sh*t in my life, some very bizarre coincidences etc. Those of you who know me and my history, will probably agree to this.

Ok, so here I am. A full-scale nerd with somewhat limited social skills, who have never – ever, participated in any filming of anything else than my own drone on the sky, my dashboard cam in the car, webcam, periscope etc. that is “nerdy”. Nothing “real”. Now, I had a few hours and I should be on the filming set, dressed up, as my favorite villain – Putin.

Well, I got to the filming location and when they were ready dressing me up, I moved to the scene with all the other actors – there was a lot of people who wanted to take a selfie with “Putin”. WTF?! What, is, happening? Ok, so maybe this character have so much charisma, it will stick on the actor too?

I asked if I got time to go to the toilet, and they said that “your character is way too important, they will not continue filming without you, so do go to the toilet and take your time, they will wait for you”… mm… ookay..

When it was my turn to get on the stage, it was much more than I thought it would be. I think I can’t really tell more about this in the blog, I’m not sure, but I’m not going to take any chances. I just have to say, THIS WAS THE COOLEST THING I’VE DONE SINCE .. SINCE .. ever?

I’m so happy I got this chance, to see how this works and even participate in this tv-series myself. This was just fantastic.

As I told you before.. Life, is good… and mysterious. And fun. Just got to love life and enjoy it as long as it last.

So, just another crazy day. Did really not expect to play Putin in a tv-series when I woke up this morning. Now I’ve done it, and I’m very happy I did get that chance.

I’m just way too much mentally “spooked” at the moment, so I will not spam a link-set, except a few that I just have to share with you.

  1. Mini tv-series Presidentti, where I played Putin today.
  2. Some dude actually rooted hes Tesla S
  3. Escape room I want to try with my spouse


The cool wednesday

I’m still on my easter-vacation. Tomorrow is the last day. This day was fun, I met two old friends and my mothers neighbor who happens also to be in the IT-business.

Now I’m just too tired to write anything about – anything. So, I’ll just paste the most intresting stuff from today. There is a little bit of politics, little bit cloud and openstack stuff, something funny and something informative. But the most important thing is the STAR WARS ROGUE ONE TRAILER IS OUT!

This world .. and technology .. this is just so amazing, and fascinating! Really happy to be alive today. Peace and love! 🙂

  1. Israeli Spy Service Under Attack Courtesy of the Jester
  2. Russian forces test high speed military Internet in Syria
  3. Spies in the skies
  4. Lessons learned (the hard way) doing DevOps at scale
  5. Lessons from a Google App Engine SRE on how to serve over 100 billion requests per day
  6. Why Microsoft needed to make Windows run Linux software
  7. How the Kremlin Manipulates Europe’s Refugee Crisis
  8. Life of a Startup Founder, Explained in GIFs
  9. OpenStack Mitaka release
  10. Enemies will not be able to listen in on Russia’s new S-500 system
  11. Puppet expands support for Docker, Kubernetes
  12. World War Three may have already begun in Iraq and Syria
  14. Official star wars “rogue one” trailer