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  1. Little philosophy of me and life (personal revelations)
  2. Voice of Finland 2017 pictures (behind scenes, stuff you did not see)
  3. Startup accelerator ecosystem (This is something investors need to visit)
  4. My company and first project (First OMG peek at new energy project)
  5. Masala intelligent eco-village project (Biggest ECO project in Finland yet)
  6. Closing words for this blog (The blog is up for dramatic changes)

+ This post contains a load of images.

I’m sure been given a lot of this ..

Little philosophy of me and life

It have been a while since my last post again. I’m not that good with this blogging stuff and let this be my last personal blog, maybe. This post will be interesting, and it got much pictures with it so bare with me. I think this will be a nice post, even if it’s long and filled with pictures and typos. Think of it as the last post from me in this form, until this blog melts into the endless universe of internet and disappear.


I’m  old enough to appreciate life itself. I’ve really understood that it’s a pure miracle I even exist. Every single moment, I need to feel alive, need to remember to respect other life and breathe all I can in this adventure. It’s not like I’ve got another chance later. This is it. You really have to understand the miracle behind the life adventure and the fact you exist, you can talk to yourself, interact, study and experience life around you.


I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but get off too easy all my life. I’ve had too easy with work and life in general, and because there is some degree of laziness in me – I kind of never stepped out from that “easy box”. I’ve quit my job four times earlier without any contingency plan, but never quit to start my own company. Now I’ve done that too. Eight years at Helen Oy as a technical architect, working mostly with IT but also with new energy solutions and digital platform services. That was an amazing journey and found totally awesome people along the road.

The discomfort zone

This is a funny thing. I’ve been scared of experience life most of my life, I’ve never been something you could call a “normal person”. I’ve always been somehow “off track” in everything.

When I was younger I thought this was because I’m weak, then I had a few larger confrontations and came out as a winner. This was the moment I learned, I’ve just been a chicken and I really need to start living and stop running around.

At that moment, I took one life direction I still follow. I need to stand and live outside the box, because I don’t belong “in the box”. As soon as I try to get in the box I get into problems. I need to stand outside it.

The moment when you shake like you got some kind of full body tic going on, your face is red like an fire truck and have trouble speaking because of nervousness – this is the moment laws of nature and business don’t apply anymore and where the magic happens. Anything is possible in that state and that is the state you should be in if you want to break free from the hamster wheel. 

Like Nike puts it .. “Just do it!”

I’m going to let my kids use their imagination, try stuff, enjoy the nature and really find their own personality and I’ll support them all the way. Love the kids so much. I really hope they will have as adventure-packed life I’ve had.

Voice of Finland 2017 Finals

This was a extremely fun experience. I’ll add some pictures from TVOF here that you don’t usually see in TV. One thing you don’t see in TV, is the studio directors work. That was AMAZING! I could go watch these shows just to see this dude do he’s job.


.. and then the real pictures



Startup accelerator

I found myself in a startup accelerator ecosystem called “Innovation House Finland”, and I’m very happy to have found this place. Nice environment, coolest meeting rooms I’ve ever seen, an augmented climbing wall and very friendly and easy going people.

I suggest you visit IHF if you live in Finland or if you are visiting Helsinki or Espoo from abroad. I’m sure you will not be disappointed. I’ve NEVER seen any place, with a meeting room with a BED 🙂

I’m serious. If you have any business in Finland or you want any business in Finland, contact Katja or Petra @ and they will do magic for you.

My company and first project

Company intro in Finnish:

My first own company and it’s main business is to help companies to navigate trough the digital storm in front of everyone of us.

Main business : Consulting. Secondary: Save the world. 

The magic I have to put on the table is real life experience with everything from cuffing bad guys to designing complete new multi million services from zero to complete success. Many of my work is also completely free if the customer decides not to use what ever solutions I come up with. That’s a huge risk reducer. Don’t you think?

Next: Working title – YODA

I got 20+ years in IT, information security, technical architectures, communications etc. 8+ years in the energy-sector, 5+ years on physical security. One thing become obvious.

Now .. I’ll reveal something to you. I think there is not that many who reads my blog or even gets all the way to this part. But I’ll put a little secret up here 🙂 Now if you are in the energy-sector or interested in AI, IoT, cloud services, blockchain, renewable energy or anything even remotely related to electricity, I think now you want to read the next chapter. I’ll hide this secret in plain sight.

“The future is in small community type virtual energy companies and the traditional companies will transition to a industry only mode. Consumers will start building their own renewable energy, storage and metering on a virtual energy company you can buy as a SaaS or PaaS. This platform will also include property, health and security devices and services. 2020+ you will see vEOs emerging (= Virtual Energy Operators) and new energy companies are built in hours.”

This is the first project. Build the SaaS/PaaS for the future energy companies. I got a few aces in my sleeve I know nobody else got 🙂

I got a few similar WTF OMG projects, but now I need FUNDING and super networked INVESTORS. If you think you are one, feel free to pour money on me, it will come back in wealth and fame, with me, nothing ever goes wrong and everything is just magic adventure.  🙂 I got some insights about the platform ecosystems I’ve not read anywhere yet, I think could be interesting to anyone who want to know what future holds for us. Hint: Don’t panic about the robots and AI, there will be plenty of work for everyone. It’s just going to be easier.   

But if you can’t sleep because your thinking all the time if I’m totally insane with all my world saving ideas and putting everything at play? Is there something called too big dreams? I don’t know what scares Branson, but hell yes I’m scared. I got only crazy big ideas, I’d like to have some small and easy business idea, but nooo.. Every time pure insanity. The disco inside my head just feel connected to the universe and life.

Masala intelligent eco-village project

A few years ago I got to know a very kind man named “Kari Savolainen”. This was when we were buying new storage systems from Hitachi. He was the managing director for Hitachi Data Systems in Finland. Now he is retired and have this totally AWSOME idea. Yes, it’s magnitude is a jaw dropper, but it’s pure awsomeness in its purest form.

He is going to build an entire village, 250-300 houses, all the way intelligent and economic. Local energy operator to manage the largest solar plant in Finland and build autonomous vehicles to take people to places like school, train station, market etc. Everything will be built from scratch to be 100% self sustaining ecosystem and all the intelligence you can expect from IoT, EV, autonomous vehicles etc.

Had a meeting with Kari last wednesday, and this project will be a 100Meur+ project. It’s going to be the largest single intelligent/ecology-related project in Finland ever and it’s going to be built as a exportable product for anyone to buy. Just like my Yoda 🙂

If you understand Finnish, here is who nice links, the MTV3 link contains a video interview with Kari Savolainen.

Ex-toimitusjohtaja Kari kyllästyi ahneuteen: Investoi miljoonan ekokylän rakentamiseen
Ex-toimitusjohtaja Kari Savolainen, 65, kyllästyi ahneuteen – antaa miljoona euroa, jotta Kirkkonummen korpeen saadaan halpojen asuntojen ekokylä

Closing words

I’ll try to be little more professional and stop spamming my private life to internet. I’m going to do a face lift for this site and try to get little more serious (=spell check and more professional look and feel).

If you’re not a native finnish speaker and want to read the redigen intro, just put the link in google translator. I’m sorry I don’t got the english version (yet).

Okay Branson.. I’ll try this!


Old meets new

This is where old meets new

A lot of things have happen since the last post. I’m not posting too often, but when I do, I got too much to tell. I’m going to try to keep the post short and change the format a little.


This is just way to cool to be ignored. I don’t watch much TV, but there is one show I love, and that’s “Voice of Finland”. Now I got the ticket, to the finals. Ringside 1, Row 1, Seat 1.

Quit my day job

I’ve been working for years for other people. There have been everything from Securitas and Nokia, etc to my recent employer, Helen Oy. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but maybe I’ve been to lazy or had too easy life? Maybe both. Too easy, monthly salary for easy work. Nothing to fear.

The problem is, I don’t feel the energy in my life if I don’t have one leg outside the comfort zone all the time. I really need that little extra to keep my mind and body go like a thunderstorm.

So – I quit my job last friday and now I know this is going to be hellish. I got to learn everything about everything I do. Now there really is no “easy money” anymore, but – this time, I’m really going to be responsible for what I do and I have full control of everything. If I mess up stuff, it’s my fault, and if I succeed, I’ve earned it.

Now I got one month to build some kind of front page for one of the startups I’m going to run. There will be more, but this is the first and the “original”. REDIGEN – it’s going to be a consulting, conceptualizing, idea factory for business and technology, with a strong networking focus. Not so much money, I want to learn and find the wizards of the internet.

Nikola Tesla

A few weeks ago I read about Nikola Tesla, how he have changed the world etc. That’s “old news”, but I did not know how he thought about the universe and existence. It was fun to read, I think Nikola Tesla is the first one I’ve read about, who feel the universe the way I do. I think. Maybe. I think I understand Elon Musk also better now 🙂

Interview with Nikola Tesla from 1899

Crazy stuff is funny

I don’t just think “outside the box”, I also love to live “outside the box”. One way to do this, is randomly dress as something strange and create confusion at the office. In the picture I dressed as a wizard and tried to cast a frog spell on help desk operators. I just loved the very unreal situation, when the operator had trouble speaking with the client, because there is a wizard trying to transform me to a frog in front of me, and the client laughs – but there really is a wizard, and he really is casting a frog spell. LOL. Sorry, this is the stuff I do, maybe to much. It’s just so funny.

D-Day @ Nokia /w TEKES & Co

In Finland we got this “reboot Finland” thing. I participated at the first DDay-session and this was amazing. Much better than expected. Real stories, real people and real opportunities. Now when I’m all in for the digital disruption in Finland (and the rest of the world), this was the perfect event for me. I honestly believe the people who attend to these events, are the ones who will put that extra in the transformation process it needs. I hope I’ll get a lot of good contacts in the coming DDay-events.


The world is changing!

As I told you earlier. I want to be part of a new way to shake up the energy sector. I woke up one morning and I just had it, now I have the secret recipe just for that. I put the idea trough my canvas I got on my wall at home and it just makes perfect sense. You just maybe want to follow my tracks if you are on this industry 🙂 I had to take a blurred picture of the canvas, now you can say you have seen the crazy disruption in energy business before it happened.


Next generation of me

Been a while again. Wise man once said, busy man writes no blog.

Tesla-project fail

This is both sad and great. I come very far with my “Tesla-as-a-service” project. I had almost everything I needed to just press the “GO” button. Luckyly, I meet a few guys from FinPRO and they said something that made me think. Tesla probably have some kind of automated operator service planned already. I googled a while and found the blog post where Tesla openly tells they are not only going to operate a fleet of Teslas, but going to operate your Tesla in that fleet also if you allow them to. So, that’s pretty much it for this idea. There is no way Tesla is going to give me all the API access to their backends for fleet operation. No way.

Still, this was very good training for being a entrepreneur. You have to polish your idea to a clear vision. You have to get that vision trough a business canvas and find obstacles. You have to do some market research and some level of sanity check on the business plan. I’m happy I got this far with this idea, because now I know the process all my ideas must go trough. I got a better grip of the people I should contact and how to do this when I get a idea that passes all the way trough the business canvas without looking totally mad.

Quote from Tesla blog: “In cities where demand exceeds the supply of customer-owned cars, Tesla will operate its own fleet, ensuring you can always hail a ride from us no matter where you are.”

What the Trump!

I thought I’d never write about this, I’m not even sure if it’s a good idea to write about this if I’m going to do any business in US in the future. But I just can’t hold back anymore.

What the hell happened? There is no such thing as the “perfect moment” in any nations history. There have always been, there is, and will always be, something that’s wrong or problems. Even here in Finland we got maybe the worst government in my personal history, but still, this is a pretty awesome country. Same applies to US.

I’ve always admired US for their history where everyone who had a dream, traveled to US. It’s built on dreams and entrepreneurship. When there was wars or rough times in the world, people wanted to try to get a life in US. This is the magic US possesses. This magic is taking severe hits at the moment. US never was “bad”, there was, is and will be their own problems, but it was never “bad”. Please, don’t make it that way.

MaaS/EV/Energy/other business

Even if my “TaaS” service did fail, I can see a crazy revolution in electric cars, all the infrastructure around that and shared car services. This is something where there should be easy to find new business anywhere in the world. I’m sure ideas will present them selves to me when they are ready to emerge.

And it’s not only the EV/MaaS business, it’s the whole energy-sector. I’m feeling just some insane changes in the whole sector. There will be many new virtual energy operators, new concepts with handling data, consumers and devices. There will be completely new business inside this business. B2C2C2B 🙂

I’ve got some crazy other ideas too, involving VR, AI, IoT, blockchain, distributed information, revenue platform and something I’ve never seen anywhere and it already passed a very thorough sanity check.

Stuff picked up along the path of life

I’ve lived a almost health life for 43 years. Of course there have been some harder life lessons on the way, but mostly I think I’ve survived with good results. I’ve learned to know awesome people along the way, got to do stuff that are just insanely cool.

The most important thing in life, is to find the craziness inside you and let it out. This is where the secret sausage of life resides and where your true personality grows. Find the way to let it out, trough music, painting, dancing, singing or doing something that feels very natural to you and don’t care if there is people around you. Just do it.

Another thing you should know about this life thing, is that always trust life is taking care of you if you do your part. If you get your ass up from the sofa and explore life and the world, the universe takes care of the rest.

Third thing before I close this post. Don’t be afraid of saying and doing stuff. You’re going to be here just one time and even that is a very short time. You don’t even know when it’s your time to leave, could be before you’ve finished this post. Just ffs do stuff you enjoy and want to do.

If you were given something between one hour and 100 years to live and there is no way knowing how much you are given, what would you do? Just let that sink for a moment.

Love you all, the world, universe, life, kids, music, science. Thank you for existing. <3

First project 2017

First project @ 2017

Only two days on 2017 and I had a new project going on, and this project have taken absolutely crazy speed right from the beginning.

I don’t know should I call it “Tesla as a service” or “Mobility as a service“. Tesla is the best car for this service, because all the intelligence already factory built in and the autopilot hardware version 2.0. I’m sure there will be soon other cars too, but for now, it’s 100% Tesla.

Let’s just call it “TaaS”, as in “Tesla as a service” for now.

The story is almost funny. I read a comment in Facebook and one week later I had the connection to US, got the partners I need in Finland to build the service, dealing with insurance companies, garages, software developers etc.

I know, I’m very inspired my self to build a fully automatic car rental service with autopilot future, I don’t know if there is anyone who would not be enthusiastic about that, but this really took me with a surprise. Everyone is going crazy on this matter.

Now building business canvas, trying to calculate costs and revenue etc. I just have to do a few more magic tricks to make this work. I really don’t know how I’m going to do this, but talk Tesla to sell me a few Model 3 right from the the front of the queue. Another painfully reality is money. Need investors, but I’m sure that should not be too big problem now when I see how everyone going just full speed besotted about EV, mobility as a service and autopilot.

The most important thing is still missing. I need a crazy hippie partner who is willing to put the blood and soul into this project. I’m not doing this to get a few extra bucks, I’m doing this to change the way people are using vehicles – fully electric ones.

I want to create a quick, easy, cheap and duplicable concept. It should be so easy to replicate, that you can build the business from zero to full production in months, anywhere in the world where the law is not a barrier.

Press a button on your app and the car is yours, press another and you free it to someone else. Pay as you go, by hour or maybe even minute.

First stage, just the “mvp”, to create some research and build this concept, but this summer I want the service up and running with the first cars. Before year 2020 I want this to be completely coordinated by artificial intelligence in the cloud and fully autopiloted fleet. They pick you up where you need the car and leave you where you need to be.

Any investors, feel free to contact me if you want to be part of a new movement @ 2017. 😉

Well, anyone interested in this, just send me email to hoppania @ or DM me on twitter @jounihoppania or message trough linkedin or find some other nice way to contact me. I’m sure this will be something nice, big, fun and crazy. If nothing else, at least anyone involved in this project will have the ability to see into the future for EV and services like this. Even for investors this can be a cheap lesson, good investment or both. Probably both 🙂

Little something outside the project

I’ve been listening to audible books since my last post.

  1. The agile samurai
  2. Start with why
  3. The entrepeneur

All these three books have been great. Anyone who just want to be efficient and understand some basic human behaviour, including yourself, should read them. Specially if you are going to start a company, including other people and software development 🙂

This is strange how the opportunity presents itself. This is not what I had in mind for 2017 but I just can’t leave an opportunity this magnitude unused. My real project just have to wait a month or two more to get some energy into this TaaS service.

There is so much I’d like to write about, but this post is already too long and if I write even half what I want to write about, this will be just way to long post, to even be called a “blog post”.

Maybe I’ll write a “off topic” post later. There is so much. I’d like to tell about something on my vacation in the north, something I bought for my kids, the way people are paring their cars in Finland (one more reason to give parking to the computer), Saara Aalto etc.

Life is something you must respect, live, and really feel, every day. Feel you are alive. One day this will change and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. Do not waste your life on mediocrity. Do not waste your life to “fit in”. Experience it. Feel it. Be who ever you are and do what ever you love to do. I’ve been too sensitive way too long, tried to “fit in”. Now I’ve realized, I do not have any urge to hurt anyone, I do not have any need to break anything and I don’t need to steal anything. I don’t have to fear to be who ever I am, I can concentrate in really feel life and let myself loose.

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Tesla Model S JSON API


2017 will be my year


2nd generation startup should not be called a startup, but a start over?


I don’t want to change the world. There is nothing wrong with this world. I want to help people to see the magic in life. That’s not changing the world, it’s just helping people to use the power that is already there.

As I told you before, I’m not a religious person, but there are something very special in this thing we call life. I’ve also realized one thing, it’s really not about getting rich or any great goal. It’s all about the journey. We all know how this life ends, there is no surprise there. It’s about the journey. In the end, there is no one more valuable than the other. Pick your journey and adventures, not your goals.

The year 2016 have been very special in many ways. There have the extremity of all emotions. People close to me have died, I’ve felt stronger love than I’ve ever experienced in my life. I don’t have a god, I don’t have any cause or purpose. I’ve simply been given the most awesome chance possible to enjoy this absolutely crazy realistic, super immersive experience called life.

2016 have been intense. 2017 will be even more. Yesterday I thought if I have to start drinking or something to numb my emotions a little. This, how I live, just feels like a continuous, totally insane roller coaster ride.

Every single morning when I wake up, I know there will be some shit storm or drama, at least one or two plot twists. I don’t know how common this is or is it just me who get too intense involved in my own life 🙂

Not complaining. This is very interesting and fun, but the downside is, it’s also very consumptive. I try to let my kids live the same way. No limits. Enjoy life. Most important, HAVE FUN! 🙂

Saara Aalto

I love music. I don’t watch much TV anymore, but every time there is a song contest I’m drawn in front of the TV. Saara Aalto is a girl with fabulous voice and skills, but she have not found the right place for her yet. Now it looks like she maybe found her place. X Factor UK final part 2 is today (Sunday) and Saara or Matt.

Saara Aalto had a “homecoming party” on Senaatintori in Helsinki. I just had to be there and so had 10 000 other finns 🙂 Let’s keep thumbs up for this evening. She have worked so hard for so long and I think now she deserves her success.

On my way home, I saw this poster, “think big”. I smiled, I don’t think I’ve ever thought anything small, but the stuff I got in my mind now, is just something totally different caliber.

Now I got three totally insane big “projects”, which I know at least one will fail, I don’t know which one, but I’ve been failing so many times that I’m starting to know how this failing works.

One good thing with failing. It’s literally the best lesson you can get. It’s a “hands on experience” on stuff that does not work 🙂

 Three big things


I want to change how the energy-sector works. I’ve been working in the energy business for the last 8 years and I can clearly see what is missing and what is the problem for the entire energy sector from taking giant leaps. It’s time for the energy sector to wake up.


I’ve been missing a social media solution for a long time. First I thought I just don’t find that app but it’s there somewhere. Now, I’ve been looking for a year and I still can’t find it. This is very strange, because now when I know what I’m looking for, I’m amazed that there just is not this kind of a app available. This is very strange, it’s obvious the world needs this. How is it possible nobody have done this yet?? I’ve done the concept on balsamiq but next step is to secure the idea officially.


I want to create a new standard for “hypercloud” solutions. How to decentralize cloud capacity over multiple providers and even be able to sell unused capacity from on-premise to the “hypercloud”. Something like AWS spot instances from on-premise to a hypercloud.


There are a lot more ideas, but I just don’t got time for all of them. One thing I draw on my wall yesterday was the fully integrated and intelligent home with dozens of data sources and stuff you can analyze from them.

Let’s say you have sensors in all windows and doors if they are open or closed, then you got sensors in every room sensing human presence. If there is a window or door open for more than n minutes and there is no human presence in the house, it sends an alarm to the family mobile phones, telling you probably forgot a window or door open. Same can be done with stoves or other electrical equipment. You can put sensors sniffing air quality, temperatures in every room, amount of light, collected energy from solar panels or static floor “collectors”. Basically, just fill the house with crazy amount of sensors everywhere and push the data to a nerd who will make a diamond service out of it for the future mobile world.

This is not a new thing, nobody just have made it simple and cheap enough for the big masses to adopt this. Maybe Elon Musk would be interested in this kind of project too. I’m sure he will change the world.

Small link spam, as usual:

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The awakening

I know I’m a little crazy, and I enjoy it. I don’t know if I could appreciate life more than I do right now. I totally understand the exceptional chance I got to enjoy life and how good it have been to me. I’m not religious, but this “life thing” is just pure magic.


This week I had so much happening again that I just have to write a short blog before it’s just too long to read again. Crazy stuff happens again, mostly in my head.

SLUSH 2016

As many of you maybe know, I constantly get new ideas. Like world wide unicorn magnitude-ideas once or twice a year and maybe 10 smaller ideas. There is not one month that goes by, without some new idea.


This is why I want to try out as an entrepreneur. This is not that easy, because you need totally different skill set for this than I got. I can spark out ideas from nothing but I have not woke up enough “E” in me.

mde sdr

I’ve also done many times already the mistake to believe that “this have already been done”, then waited a year, maybe two or three, before someone gives a hint of this and even then they usually got it wrong.


Now I want to try out and change this. First place where to get some experience how this startup-investor stuff works, was to attend the “Slush 2016” event. I expected much from this event, mostly something like startup and investor networking on stereoids.

To be honest. I’m a little disappointed. There was just too much hang around people. I’m going to write the the Slush organization and ask them to squeeze the event, make the tickets much more expensive for hang around people, like 3keur. Then there will not be people that are not serious about the event.

Anyway, good speeches and I met very interesting people, who can and will help me on my journey to conquer the world 🙂 One thing I understood at Slush was, all money my companies will make in the future, must be used to fund startups and the “ecosystem” around them. This really is the only way to go. Pump all good back into the system.

This is essential. If I do this for money, it’s bullshit. If I do this to create something new and extraordinary, it’s worth any obsticle I’ll encounter.

mde mde


I’ve been conceptualizing at home with my kids, listening to music in disco lights. This is the right mood for me and I begin to think I’m teaching this to my kids too. They probably will also be little weird when they grow up. We’ve used maybe 30 pieces of whiteboard paper on the walls already.


I think I’ll need two or three crazy good developers with blockchain, mobile platform and eCommerce skills, a coding technical lead with experience in social media platforms and preferably some mad CI/CD and AWS skills, one insanely good data scientist, one well networked marketing and sales person and a CEO to start with 🙂

And money of course. But I think that will be a smaller problem than crazy skilled developers with some real experience.


We also went for a drive with a Tesla model S P90D on Friday. OMG! This is by far the best car-experience I’ve ever got in my life. The car is so smooth, handling, technology, acceleration and the silence. If you have not tried a Tesla before and you get a chance to try one, please do. You will not regret that.



I was a little afraid my 3 year old daughter would cry when we accelerate, but the first time I stom the pedal into the floor, and the TESLA S teleported trough the street my both kids just yelled from the backseat “WOOOOOHOOO!!” Got some video from that testdrive, sadly, not the first acceleration, that was just too fun to listen to the kids.


In this post there will not be many links, I’ve not had time to read the internet last week, but still something must be linked or this would not be a real blog.

Peace and love!

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The winter is coming

Hello again, long time since my last post. Winter is coming, and with it, a lot of changes and new adventures.



First things first. I’ve been part of a great team, working on great ideas and almost infinite possibilities. Now, I still feel I’m missing something.

I’m the kind of person that need much more freedom and flexibility at my work. I don’t mind working a lot, or continuously “walk the extra mile”, but there are some things that I just cant live with, one is a timecard and “office hours”, this just does not work for me. I more or less work 24/7/365 and that just must count for something, if it does not, I’m in the wrong place.

I’ve had the chance to work at the most interesting companies in Finland, with the most advanced technologies, the craziest, nerdiest and coolest people you can find. I got nothing else than great respect for everyone I’ve worked with. Some random a-holes have come along too, but – I know, people are people and it’s just not possible that we could all fit in the same room. Nothing wrong with that. I just have to accept this fact.

Now I want to combine my own startup, maybe some new customers and/or employer who can accept me working for my own startup too (creating symbiosis for the employer, bringing customers and building cool things together, kind of strategic partnership).

I got some ideas for public cloud and how to change cloud computing completely, some ideas for the energy industry and how to change the world in a Elon Musk-magnitude, some nice ideas for a new social ecosystem (yeah FB, I’m coming for you!) etc. I know, I it will not be easy to find people, money or right connections to join my visions, but I will never stop trying 🙂

I’m sure some crazy stuff will happen to me in the future, because all my life have been a series of more or less crazy events. This is, why I’m not too worried about what happens next. Just enjoy the ride of life as long as it takes.

Talking about that, I hope I’ll find myself one day working with companies like Magic Leap, Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop or any company that breaks the wall between reality and fantasy. I want to have several similar project myself one day, and I will – or die trying.

So, if you know anyone who does not feel it’s a burden if I got my own startup and want to create a strategic partnership, someone who needs a jack of all trades with experience of almost everything you can imagine in the IT business, most of things you can imagine in security/cyber security and “walking the extra mile” is the default setting – the magic happens when there is a need to push the limits of “walking the extra mile”.

Let them know there is a wizard available 🙂



I did not know much about blockchain a year ago. Since then I’ve read one book, watched about three hours of videos, attended four webinars and a few blockchain meetups. First, I did not really see how this technology will change the world. Now I understand. I don’t think blockchain will be widely adapted in the next 2-3 years, but I’m sure it will, and when that happens the world will change. I’d give blockchain 5-8 years time to change the world. There will be FB-style companies and effect on the world with this one. Mark my words.

Trump. WTF?!

This is something I do not understand with the American people. They are not stupid, in fact, most of the great discoveries come from US. The wtf in the presidential election is not in fact Trump, but the way the competition is done. If a president, that acts like Trump in the competition, wins. What the hell? Is this really a competition about who can despise the other more, be more aggressive, lie more to the voters, be more corrupt and who just makes more noise, any noise? If this is the case, we probably will see some bat shit crazy elections in the future, this will just spin off the rails.

Elon Musk

I’ve been listening to a audio book about Elon Musk. He is one of my super heroes. I kind of feel little alike Elon, according to the book, but he got more personality and intelligence than me. I feel like a dumber version of Elon 🙂 Can’t complain about my hard childhood, Elon probably had even worse than me. He’s just super. He is here to save us from ourselves. Who else would create a car with autonomous driving? Or fill application to FCC to launch 4425 satellites to orbit? 😀

Climate change

I’ve been wide-eyed in this matter. I admit, I have known about this issue but not taken it too seriously. Then I got involved in an project around cleaner energy, watched the DiCaprio documentary, watched some 360 degree VR videos about Greenland and climate change. Now I’m horrified, this planet is screwed. Only chance to make this planet habitable for our children is for everyone to contribute to this now and as much as possible. This is important. I got children of my own and I hope they will have their own children too. This is our legacy. So I did order a Tesla Model 3.


Slush 2016

Hope to meet a lot of interesting people @ Slush 2016 next week. This should be the place to be at, if you want to find new ideas, money for your projects, interesting work opportunities and networking. Big promises. I’ve never been there so this will be one of the big experiences for me.


Google and Intel announce strategic alliance

Google Earth VR Comes to Vive

7 Deadly DevOps Sins

Implementing devops culture in a legacy company

Google AI quickdraw

DevOps in 5 Easy(ish) Steps

Git Behind the Curtain

Why Microservices are so important

Bimodal People Management

The Satir Change Model

14 Things Every Agilist Should Know About Kanban


Easy, chilling week.


T2 Infosec

Every year there is this very good hacker conference called T2 infosec. It was a good conference, again. Last year, T2 started to give these small “badges” to people. Only a few selected people got them. Can’t remember exactly what was the requirements to get one, but it will function as a key to something and (?) some invitation to some happening in the future. Last year there was these superstars like Hyppönen who got the badges. I was a little jealous and dreamed I could get one of those one day.


T2 infosec 2016 started, they started with the badges. There was a name, then another and a third. I checked slack and email for any urgent messages, I thought to myself I got some time here before the actual presentations. Then I heard my name. I had to read it from the screen, look around me and then it hit me, I’M GOING TO GET ONE OF THOSE FRIGGIN BADGES! 😀 Did really not expect to get up on the stage today when I arrived to the conference. So, now I’m part of a secret society, so secret I don’t even know anything about it 🙂



AWS Meetup

I attended to a AWS meetup, organized by Cybercom. There was so many friends and other familiar persons, I almost felt like I’m just joining some party with a lot of people I already know.

One of the performers was Santtu Stolt, working for VMware. He was speaking about the new strategic partnership announcement. I’ve know Santtu for about 35 years.

I think this is the best news for a long time. vCloud AIR really was not that good public cloud provider, the APIs sucked and managment interface was slow and the technology under the hood was changing too much and that influenced the services.

Disco @ Home

At our trip to Yyteri, my kids loved the kids disco. I had to create a small disco for them at home. Since the new home-disco, we have had morning-disco and evening-disco. The kids love it, and to be honest, I like it too 🙂

My son caught me dancing too and I can sense a little Travolta here.


My 3 year old daughter singed Nelly Furtrados “man eater” song to me <3





Magic leap to Finland

This is a place I could work for. I think I have to ask if they need a dude like me 🙂 I believe ML got the gems in their hand to create something big and new, in facebook scale.

Haunted toilet

I don’t know why our home sound like a haunted house 24/7. Specially in the toilet. This little bird, trying to get in to kill me in Hitchcook-style.



I had to write a blogpost soon, because I don’t want to post 100-page blogposts.

This weeks link-spam:

Hacker’s Icarus machine steals drones midflight

Fact or Fiction: Google BigQuery Outperforms Amazon Redshift as an Enterprise Data Warehouse?

Creating Graphs with Python and GooPyCharts

Building a Secure, Fast Network Fabric for Microservices Applications

No one knows what these hexagonal structures the Chinese keep building in the South China Sea are for

Containers and microservices find home in Hadoop ecosystem

DevOps Resources to Consider (this toolset could be useful when I try to get the devops culture into a legacy environment)

Microsoft makes its deep learning tools available to all

Fun for the future

My mother showed me this quote when I told her I got little too much drama in my life and it immediately freed me from a lot of drama burden. This is awesome advice, it could almost be a Yoda quote.


I planned a ton of IT-stuff to do during my vacation. I managed to do none of them.

When my vacation started, I looked at my kids and realized, I just can’t give them a boring vacation with dad sitting at the computer.

So, everything I planned the last few months just flew out the window in an instant. Priorities, priorities. Kids got the golden ticket.

I think this was just what I needed too. One month of total breakaway from work and IT.


In Espoo where I live, I watched the weather forecast and it looked like the sun hates Finland and specially Espoo.

No way! I quickly googled where is the closest place where we can enjoy the sun.

That was Åland and so I booked ferry tickets to the next day and off we go. First time in Åland for the kids and it’s been more than 30 years for me too.

I really do live “in the moment”.



I must recommend Åland to anyone who visits Finland, or anyone in Finland who have not visited Åland yet.

It’s just amazing. It’s like being abroad, when you are in Finland. There is a lot of fun things to do.

After one week in the archipelago and we went back to mainland. One night at home was enough and the walls started to fall on me.

I had to get away from home. So, next stop was 650 kilometers north to Oulu/Ylikiiminki (mother in law lives in Ylikiiminki).



davIt took me two days and the “wall phenomenon” was on me again.

I rented a recreational vehicle for the first time in my life. Did not know literally anything about “recreational vehicles”. Steep learning curve there.

This is a small dream come true. Next week we traveled trough Sweden, Norway and Finnish lappland with the family.

We saw santa’s village, santa’s reindeer, a german police car (what thee .. ?!), climbed a ski jumping slope, got lost in a bad ass candy store etc. Fun trip.






One night we were all sleeping already and I woke up to something that sounded like a tank parking next to our van.

I was too tired to check what the hell parked next to us. Next morning I rubbed my eyes. What .. the .. hell.. is that?



I believe it was some kind of a german millionaire? That bad ass six wheeler is priced at 500 000 euros and even if you got a shit load of money, you just don’t buy “recreational vehicles” you can use for vacation in Syria.

After the caravan life, I had to get to our cottage. It’s a strange place, very colorful history. It’s very close to the Finnish airforce HQ and SIGINT/ELINT HQ.


If you bring the phantom4 drone up in the air from our cottage, you can see the military buildings and airstrip.


In this picture (below) you can see the area that will probably nuked first if Finland goes to war or any other country needs to eliminate Finland as a threat.


I can’t be sure, but got a little paranoid, because every time I got the drone in the air, there was a small cessna skyhawk apering and I had to take the drone down. The cessna usually flew 5-10 minutes right above us. When it disapered, I took the drone up in the air again and .. cessna come back 🙂

I managed to fly my SECOND Phantom4 into a tree and it took some damage too. Next day I went to a local hardware store and bought myself all the tools needed to fix the drone and luckily I got it up in the air again.

Not as much damage this time. The first Phantom4 took a direct and deadly hit from the powerlines.

Vacation was coming to an end.


Now I was preparing to go back to work. I’m proud to tell, that I’ve been assigned to a team that build a completely new platform for one of the biggest energy company in Finland.

It’s 100% microservices architecture, 100% AWS cloud solution, complete CI/CD pipeline, jenkins, docker, terraform and even spinnaker and all the crazy fun agile devops is built on.

At the moment I work as the technical owner for the platform and last week we got the first service out working on this platform. Our video commercial of the service below.

sdrdav Checking out the new office for the devops-team.

Everyone who work in devops, know how hard it is to find diamond skills. The technology and standards are too young and even if microservices, cloud, IoT, AI, devops etc. are the key to the future, hands down, you will have some serious problems finding hard core skills.

To make this even harder, it’s not only the skills, the people must also work together.

I’m happy to tell, Helen have managed to get maybe the best developers in Finland. This group is pure gold. Reaktor, Motley, Cybercom and Solinor.

I found two channels where you can connect to devops-people online, in real time and find good skills fast.

First digital service is called ‘Enne‘ and it will continue to develop and there will be more and new services in the future.

Crazy interesting stuff, crazy good devops dream team and I honestly believe Helen is going to be something the digital world want to watch in the future.

I believe the future is in the digital market, the possibilities IoT, blockchain, AI, VR/AR, microservices, cloud and DEVOPS!

Just .. love .. to be where I’m now. Could not be better. My problem is that I got too much interesting and fun going on.

My own startup, slush coming, Helen and the digital services platform. Drones. IoT. AI. Bots. Cloud. Automation. VR and AR. I’m stuck in some kind of a nerd-heaven coming true.

Talking about VR. I got myself a new toy. The HTC Vive!


My 5 year old boy is so fascinated about the VR, that I think he is going to be one of the “VR natives”.

He already communicates with people in recroom and play many games as easy as I played space invaders in the 80’s.


Helen Oy got these superb partnes, Hitachi and Multicom, and we had a small cooperation event in Lappeenranta/Lappeenranta archipelago.

It was fun and I can’t praise them enough, this is the kind of partnes any successfull company needs. No bullshit, only honest and open communication.

No customer-supplier-hierarchy, but honest win-win for all parties. The true ingredients to make the the best service with the greatest quality and cost-effective solutions.

And the people working in for these companies, just, pure.. gold. Funny, crazy, open, honest and friendly people who I could easily count as personal friends.


I also went to “the first” blockchain meetup-event in Finland @ Microsoft Flux. This was pure heaven for a nerd who’s brain is shooting ideas a few times a day.

During this event this went up to ten ideas an hour 🙂 I honestly believe, blockchain will be a total game changer before 2020.


I attended a digitalistnetwork event @ Finnkinos SCAPE-hall. I feared it would be just another marketing event for .. C-suites, but I was wrong.

This really was an interesting event. It once again, put my brain on hyperdrive and I was shooting ideas a second speed.

I need to attend to digitalistnetwork-events in the future too.


I had one week of holiday again with my family @ Yyteri SPA. It was fun, mostly relaxing and a ‘CE/CF’ event (continuous eating/continuous fun).

I tried to do one week totally without any eletronic devices but this proved to be impossible because most of my unread books are on kindle.

Well, this caused, of course, me to check slack, follow the ‘Enne’ release and even log in to AWS and Azure a few times.

So much for the “no electronic devices” week.


I had to filter like 90% of the stuff I wanted to write about for different reasons, partly because even if I want to share personal stuff on the internet, there is some limits to that too (mostly when it comes to other people, I must take them into consideration).

I can’t tell everything I’m working with and then there are also places and stuff I can’t tell I’ve been visiting, not because of some super secret stuff, but some people just don’t want me to write about it.

Also, this post is already way too long for anyone to read it 🙂

Next week will be super interesting. There is some big changes at work and I’ll attend T2 infosec.

Anyway .. Here is a filtered link-spam.

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Five Signs Your Business Is Ready For Digital Transformation


Let’s make some noise again


I’ve had so much happening in my life the last two four months, that it’s going to be pure pain to try to write it into a blog post.

I’ve decided to create a post this weekend before christmas so beware. A record long post with some crazy stuff, new toys, new job, traveling etc. So much I want to write about.

It’s just amazing how much happens to you, if you just stop and think about it. It’s like a hyper intensive rpg on stereoids.

Peace and love – to continued